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The Dark Crackling Of The Steaks

Our Steaks Are Grilled In A Special Oven Of A Company Called Southbend - Imported From The United States. The Oven Shock-Heats The Meat With 1500° F, That’s Why The Steaks Are Very Juicy Inside. Due To The High Temperature The Fat On The Meat Caramelizes And It Gets An Unbelievably Delicious And Dark Crackling.

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Our Steaks

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A good steak does not always have to come from Argentinian cattle. Real alternatives come from Uruguay, the so-called Switzerland of South America.

Argentine steaks should be the basis of every good house. Our Premium Black Angus Beef was fed with corn for 120 days.

Juicy and tender, the meat is absolutely top quality from the USA.

In Ireland cattle can graze on these pastures almost all year round, giving their meat the special flavor.